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Reddit username Steam username Steam ID64 Clan
sprowesn Aerinn 76561198092472576 [TATER] Tater Raiders
gedebuk61 Chetia karas 76561198309329016 No clan
LordInquisitor955 LordInquisitor955 76561198025841436 No clan
mkshammaa mkshammaa 76561198072154082 No clan
Slasher0084 AssBlaster 76561198070481141 [UNION] The Union
Aimeepad aimeepad 76561198061982088 No clan
davidiogame bjørk 76561198072492503 No clan
prozanater Prozanater 76561198117813635 No clan
Cookiemorph Cookiemorph 76561197974565499 No clan
rankin12 XxAceRankinXx 76561198167636068 No clan
juggle4lulz foreverjuggling 76561197979384174 No clan
Rankin1990 DarkMass 76561198061912238 No clan
sunshinehunter sunshinehunter 76561198064300091 No clan
Curlybear Curlybear 76561198007564977 No clan
B3nny_o B3nny 76561198150929392 No clan
MCKitkat182 MCKitkat 76561198021797491 No clan
HermitError HermitError 76561198018788532 No clan
nick_a_llama Nick A Llama 76561198130989675 No clan
imaWaffle34 ♛Waffle♛ 76561198193508263 No clan
CreamyIceY CreamyIce 76561198121959011 No clan
Korporal_kagger Kags 76561198035925471 No clan
crispybacon609 crispy bacon 76561198175202522 No clan
crispy_bacon609 rhyswedwardsblogs 76561198167555076 No clan
TheMagicTopHat TheMagicTopHat 76561198130476696 No clan
Into_Flames Into_Flames 76561198137480608 No clan
JellyFlash_ JellyFlash 76561198048543063 No clan
livingdiamond1 livingdiamond1 76561198089145818 No clan
CompassesByNorthWest Optometrist Prime 76561198015881122 No clan
Branide Branide 76561198133716900 No clan
hussnainshak Bean 76561198289521431 No clan
slinks360 SlinkS 76561197968349196 No clan
CONK3RR30 CONK3RR30 76561198144018759 No clan
LordAkkarin .start 76561198025600906 No clan
Irvine96 Irvine 76561198053817391 No clan
MrBrocLobster BrocLobster 76561198044810978 No clan
X54MU3LX180 samuelb15 76561198323332404 No clan
benjb2009 benjb2009 76561198107893103 No clan
LordNutty Lord Nut 76561198330506789 No clan
ThePhoenix600 PhoenixKnight 76561198049404378 No clan
izeraman izeraman 76561198186881646 No clan
Derpyrichmon DwarfBoner5001 76561198140406889 No clan
v_reds GrannyBacon 76561198029873311 No clan
Supreemgamer Pusheen The Pilot Man 76561198079877268 No clan
pip3rgames Pip3rGames 76561198210198601 No clan
NovaSoBored Nova 76561198278439172 No clan
kckai Kai 76561198076764737 No clan
BeaTheCraftian Bea 76561198131393700 No clan
Paspalar Bones 76561198005922299 No clan
ESarey9 FUMBLE 76561198037512275 No clan
Itankboobs itankboobs 76561198046035941 No clan
pygesux Pygesux 76561198045616233 No clan
wizard1235 CholoWiz 76561198125608711 No clan
Brad-Reynolds Brad 76561198074341825 No clan
MammalSquad GigA 76561198141484897 [BOYSONLY] Fuck off, Boys Only
LordDrago96 Drago 76561198058228870 No clan
Shpek Shpek 76561198044025877 No clan
LeverCat Lever Cat 76561198116992278 No clan
Notadumbrobot Rick Grimes 76561198100464528 No clan
Margenen Margenen 76561198039941681 No clan
Apoas Apoas 76561198185914018 No clan
AlexJamesDean AlexJamesDean 76561198023384861 No clan
Thy_Rek Rek 76561198091533678 [THYSELF] Thy Knights of Thyself
Tootyfruity_ Tootyfruity 76561198055415936 No clan
ZZayos ZZayos 76561198123026869 No clan
Semps3101 Semps 76561198083539806 No clan
Keslo__ Keslo 76561198335805402 No clan
XcOn-Reaver Taric 76561198278190722 No clan
MEGAFRED87 Megafred 76561198090238213 No clan
NIFDDY FazeBomber 76561198140719163 No clan
FeralWolfang FeralWolfangz 76561198156132042 No clan
BennyJJ55 bennyjj74 76561198355373886 No clan
SaltySailor123 Salty Sailor 76561198261602217 No clan
Kenj1tsu Kenji 76561198056208908 No clan
zeflutedude Den Vlaemsche Fluit 76561198073827255 No clan
Forresst Yay! Forresst! 76561198040711563 [HOUSE] Family of House
TheHairiestHare Very Harey 76561198063131222 No clan
wesim wesim 76561198047304480 No clan
TechDoozy Techdoozy 76561198021539417 No clan
ThisIsGoldar Goldar the Immolated 76561198293680293 No clan
xdesdemona Private Badtouch 76561198049037488 No clan
SkrubVader TheLegend27 76561198082615645 No clan
Dsecter Dsecter 76561198090862586 No clan
RWambacq WamBeatzGameR 76561198084367495 No clan
Crepian Arron 76561198119572807 No clan
mrshodow Shadowstand 76561197993616711 No clan
TECHYPIG TECHYPIG 76561198122734048 No clan
Jose_Padillez Jan Hesp 76561198074202053 No clan
sdmnllama SDMNLlama 76561198051926681 No clan
NicoTheSpasticSwede Donnie Donger 76561198073218729 No clan
J2Joop J2Vanish 76561197989771124 No clan
MRREDFOX13 MrRedFox13 76561198128025347 No clan
AllThingsLemon AllThingsLemon 76561198067337327 No clan
iWrInstincts Spodermen 76561198189871314 [WARDDENS] Warddens
Ace_Ice Ace Ice 76561198094228607 No clan
TheGamingPimp DefinitelyNotAWeeb 76561198084453692 No clan
Huellios ^6<3^3jeffrey^6<3 76561198140957430 [NACL] Sodium Chloride
Greavy2000 johiams0 76561198138644792 No clan
BadgerBoy1999 BadgerBoy 76561198167603862 No clan
MMxKingz ✪ MMxKingz™ 76561198196874277 No clan
alltonjake Grizzlyツ 76561198123362121 No clan